Owners Solutions - Short Term Rentals

Property Type Furnished Unfurnished Unfurnished
Currently Available for Rent Rent Sale
Registration of apartment in Dubai Tourism Deparment
Full Maintenance Short Term Rental during agreement period
Handling of rent and deposit transactions (payment facilities)
Handling legal contracts with future guests
Management of tourism department imposed fees(Collection and Settlement)
Handling Guest complaints and disputes
Handling of insurance issuance as per DTCM requirements
Furnitiure/Property Setup
Provision of interior design and full furniture of vacant homes
Check and Maintenance of safety devices
Provision of fire extinguishers and first aid kits
Fixing signage inside property including fire exit maps and emergency numbers
Kitchen package including cooking sets
Bathroom amenities including towels, hair and body care products
Safety Deposit boxes
Up to date local and international magazines and newspapers
Promoting/Advertising property for Sale
Making the property avalable directly with over 1200 agents in Dubai for direct access their buyers(not limiting to one agency list) (optional)
Managing viewings for all potential buyers and agents through our partner real estate agency (optional)
Property made available for sale through short term agreement period (optional)
Property advertised as vacant during short term agreement period(attracting more clients compared to long term leased properties) (optional)
Listing and featuring property for sale Dubai's top sale online portals(Multiple Listings) (optional)
Listing and featuring property for sale Dubai's leading printed newspaper(GN)(Multiple Listings) (optional)
Owner Management Online interface
Manage properties, blockout dates, rates and property details
View and manage account balance, request funds transfer, change settlement type,add and manage bank account details, set payout types(check, bank transfer)
Live view of reservation activities assigned to each property
Request ammendments to all ongoing property agreements
Upload and download documents relavant to each property (DTCM License, insurance, title deed)
View latest information regarding DTCM rules and regulations
Guest Services
800 dedicated line for reservations and guest services
Check in/Check out assistance including property inspections before and after
24 hour dedicated guest service support line with support team on standby for guest inquiries/help
Visa processing service facility
Meet,greet,pickup/drop-off from the airport
Daily local newspaper during stay
Welcome gifts including refreshments,coffee,tea, basic breakfast items
Professional dedicated housekeeping services during stay
Dedicated maintenance staff for periodic upkeeping of property
Full property preparation before and after each stay
Maintenance of property during the agreement period