Owner’s Solutions

Solution 1: Furnish and Manage the property while you wait for it to sell at no direct cost to the owner.

If you have an empty property and would like to generate income while staying flexible to be able to sell it, we have the perfect solution for you with no additional cost, full flexibility without the hassle of having a long term tenant locking the property.

Solution 2: We rent your unique property directly from you for up to three years.

If you have a unique empty property available for long term rent and are looking for a stable tenant for a long period without the hassle of tenant changes, look no further. We will rent your property at competitive current market rate and can sign contracts as long as 3 years in duration with guaranteed advanced payments. Contact us to find out more.

Solution 3: We manage your furnished property utilizing the best in the industry standards at a market competitive rate.

If you have a property in the market that is already furnished and ready for short term rent, partnering with Yanjoon Holiday Homes will give you the multiple benefits and a peace of mind. Dedicated management team, help with registration at DTCM, client relationship management, public liability insurance cover, maintenance and housekeeping. These are only a few benefits from partnering with us.

Our management fees are very competitive and we pride oursleves in having one of the industries highest ratings in the different booking channels including booking.com. We don’t just talk about it, we will show you the data.